Help others Battle their Scars...

Being in a band is a lot of fun, tough at times but mostly a lot of fun. Sometimes it's easy to forget just how fortunate we are.

We have decided to share with you some charitable causes which we have personal connections with.

IF you can afford to, IF you share the same values as us, we ask that you kindly donate to 1 of the following charity fund raisers, or all 3 if you really can and want to. Help us in helping others less fortunate then ourselves...


Ben in uganda

Our very good friend Ben Rogers, budding DJ and all round top-gent, is heading to Africa in MAY to help build playgrounds for the children out there. Help him raise £2000!

Money from this will also be going to The Ugandan Wildlife Authority to help conservation and protection of the last wild mountain gorillas.

For more information CLICK HERE.



In 2017 we lost a dear friend, Peter Toms to Pancreatic Cancer. We were lucky enough to share in a memorial gig in his honor. Organised by Chris Harrison and Hailey Ducker we managed to help raise over £3000.

We miss Pete. Each year over 300,000 people worldwide, lose their battles to this cancer.

Please help where you can.


Old School

As we get older, life can get harder, supporting a family with any form of Cancer is tough... An old classmate who used to go to school with Arron was recently diagnosed with lymphatic cancer.

They managed to raise over £3000 to help support his family during the treatment.

Out of respect, this month we are Raising awareness...